CBD Affiliate Program


Our affiliate marketing program allows you to make money when other people buy from Becalmed CBD.

When you sign up to be an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique coupon code that you can share with anyone. When they use your coupon, they’ll receive 15% off their order and you’ll receive 20% of the purchase price.  All we ask is that you stick to the strategy we set together!  

Earn Money Sharing Becalmed CBD with your social media platforms by joining our CBD Affiliate Program!

Affiliate Team Benefits

Becoming an Affiliate

Step #1

Becalmed CBD 

Brand Ambassador

Step #2

Monthly CBD Products

Step #3

Reach out to us via info@fsorigins.com and tell us a few things about you!  Why do you want to be apart of the CBD world and how do you think we can help you to be the best ambassador for our brand?  This is truly your elevator pitch section, so let's see what sets you apart!  

Once you are a part of our team, we'd like to devise a strategy that ensures your success!  This is where both sides get to learn from the other!  We want to hear the strategies that have worked for you in the past, as well as how we might be able to help you in the future!  

Once we've devised a strategy, it's time to get you paid!  We will ship you out a package once a month containing several Becalmed CBD products - products we are excited to see social media photos of in action!  You'll receive a team code that you will share with you followers and we will give them 15% off of any of the products we carry, from which you will receive 20% of the net sales monthly!