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CBD Beverage Enhancement

Water Soluble CBD Re-Invented

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CBD Products Celebrated

for purity and balance

Wellness and Balance

The roots of the Becalmed CBD brand began with a simple concept, similar to that of the apothecaries of old: traditional holistic formulations based upon synergistic balances.  All Becalmed CBD Tinctures and CBD Products are fortified with the purest source of natural cannabinoids in the US - 100% CO2 CBD Extracts! 

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The CBD oil that changed the entire Industry 


The Full-Spectrum "Origins" blend of CBD oil used in our Becalmed CBD product line is recognized as the first CBD Oil in the world that avoids harmful chemicals such as ethanol, butane and n-heptane. 


Our CO2 extraction process is the cornerstone on which our client's satisfaction depends, and we pride ourselves on the "impossible". 


So here's to the impossible, that round peg in the square hole...here's to the ones who look at an industry differently and end up rewriting the status quo.